Find Your Dream Home in Trujillo

Find Your Dream Home in Trujillo

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Need someone to help you find property on the bay of Trujillo? Wait no more…

Own your dream home or purchase property – in the jungle high on a hill overlooking the beautiful Bay of Trujillo or within walking distance of the Caribbean Sea

We can help you identify your needs, and guide you in the selection of that perfect spot.

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 We can help you make  decisions that are right for you…

Whether you’re looking for your dream home, your retirement home, or something as a long term investment, we can work for you to make it come true.
The marketplace can be confusing given the fluctuations in prices and depending on clients urgency to sell. We hope to make the process easy and understandable for you. We are invested in helping you purchase exactly what you want.
 Our dream location, where we have visited and lived in for many years, is in beautiful Trujillo Bay, on the coast of Honduras. A secluded and safe haven on the Caribbean Sea where there are numerous properties available, many with houses already built, all priced to sell. 
The more developed, wealthy and populous countries may have more options, but they will always cost considerably more.  This area is the ultimate removal from the fast pace of the city, with the ocean almost at your feet (some actually at your feet), the mountains peaks behind you. The Trujillo area offers so much.  Come spend some time here and see firsthand what we love and believe in.
And if have property to sell and want us to list it, contact us to discuss how we can be of assistance

Meet your contacts

Charlene McCurdy

Charlene McCurdy

Some cool info about Charlene

Charlene first came to Honduras in 1996 with her husband and  immediately fell in love with the Trujillo area. After buying land outside Trujillo near Coraz Alta and retiring 18 years later from a successful career in sales and store management, they began building and moved in a year later. From this experience she learned what it takes to own land and build your dream home.

Paul McCurdy

Paul McCurdy

Some cool info about Paul

Paul is Charlene’s partner. He has been (in reverse order) a computer programmer/team lead for AT&T, a certified accountant (CPA), a musician and a journeyman HVAC mechanic. LIke Charlene, He currently volunteers with Shelter Movers in Vancouver, BC. Paul is an active member of the ex-pat community in the Trujillo/Santa Fe area.


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